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AFTERMATH: PTV Partner Workshop Event Nov. 13th/14th 2018

PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 8:52 am
by Bernd Welter
Hi there,

the Partner Workshop Event was a great success and we had both

  • a lot of knowledge transfer during the workshops and in between. Our experts gave you a broad overview of strategic and current topics and we demonstrated and discussed various demands together with you eye to eye. This will speed up your development and help PTV to improve our software and also processes. For example we already created a special partner forum space here in the xServer forum.
  • a lot of fun at the cart race event. Zero injured, one fastest player!
    From my perspective the race was one of the best events ever - and believe me: we already experienced a lot of great things during the partner events!
  • It was also a great pleasure for the Product Managers and further PTV technical experts to host that session in Karlsruhe. Thank you very much for the contribution!
As usual here's some aftermath, too:

  • As I've been asked for pictures of the event I redirect you to a blog article of our event organizers.
  • For those who received the invitation to the partner event but who didn't participate: Please provide your feedback: what would we have to change to make you appear next time? Content? Location? Schedule? We want to welcome as many partners as possible and we want to take care of your requirements as good as we can!

So much for the moment, thanks for your attention and "c u next time!"