Screenshots of a sample

PTVs approach to routing calculation that combines various networks together.

Screenshots of a sample

Postby Bernd Welter » Thu Dec 28, 2017 4:03 pm

Hi there,

these days I developed a sample application dealing with xIntermodal. Here are some screenshots that hopefully give you a better undertanding of the API...
The core call... give me several alternatives of how to get from Luxemburg/LUX to Gothenburg/Sweden...

for each alternative I get several KPIs...

and for some of the segments I get shortscuts of how to get from one hop to another one... those sections can use various transport modes such as street, rail, ferry... even considering the timetables (if configured and properly feed)

I can then visualize the segments in a map as well...

even together with the alternatives themselves

Periods spent on the various time modes

So long story short:
xIntermodal interface is able to provide routing alternatives based on various transport modes but it also depends on the data you have to feed into the system such as the timetables and TransportModes
The available transport modes...
Intermodal.TransportModes.png (8 KiB) Viewed 2004 times

Periods spent on the transport modes

OK, the API is challenging but it is also quite interesting ;-)

One important topic in this context:
The server provides several administration methods that can be used to import data such as importAGencies, importTransfers and importTransfers. So I'd treat this server as statefull.

Get back to us if you need more details.

Best regards,
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