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What is the usecase behind PTV xData Server?

PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 9:42 am
by Bernd Welter
Hi there,

as we offer a module called PTV xData Server I'd like to summarize it's usecases for you. The module gives you access to creation and maintenance of custom search graphs.
  • Instead of the stand alone Routing Network Generator tool (used in the context of xServer 1, e.g. xTour or xDima, ...) it is now possible to use an API call to create new search graphs.
  • You can also retrieve META data of the existing graphs such as "size", "request profile" and "timestamp of last usage"
  • Last but not least you can delete graphs that are no longer required
Those available graphs will then be used in the other modules such as xTour, xDima, xCluster and xRoute.

Besides the more convenient access to the definition and manipulation of the graphs (compared to Routing Network Generator) we also implemented new features:
  • The handling of tennants and protected scopes
  • Optimization of reduced data: you can create searchgraphs based on subregions of the map you use (e.g. a D-A-CH graph based on a European map or a "Argentina-Brasil-Chile graph based on a south america map or even world map). This feature will enable you to reduce the data file sizes
  • But it also opens the door to usecases that haven't been available so far: subgraphs based on WorldMap (wasn't possible due to extreme amount of temporary required data and memory).
Best regards,