SEQUENCING: planSequence versus planBasicTours

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SEQUENCING: planSequence versus planBasicTours

Postby Bernd Welter » Mon Jul 17, 2017 2:49 pm

Hi there,

today I discussed the following reoccuring topic with our global consultants:
A customer describes his usecase as a sequencing topic
  • He wants to optimize a single resource
  • He approaches this with planSequence
  • He wants to know how to parametrize this scenario
So what I experienced several times in the past is
  • a customer starts implementation with planSequence
  • he complains about poor quality of planing results ("my dispatcher finds a better solution")
  • we analyse his scenario
  • we find a better solution but with changes in the touropt.ini (using different planning algorithms)
  • we tell him to use planBasicTours instead because it is more flexible (I prefer "approaching the methods by API" over "approach methods by TOUROPT.ini") but...
  • ...we would limit his license file to xtour.maxVehicleCount=1 and xtour.planBasicToursAllowed=true
  • he complains about "I already spent so much time in planSequence"

I helped many players with this approach and therefore I'd like to recommend this on a generic base.
Under the roof planSequence is using the same component as planBasicTours.
But while you can override the steps via planBasicTours this is not possible with planSequence: the methods used in planSequence are not available through the API.

Check this:

Feedback is welcome!

Best regards,
Bernd Welter
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