TourSection - usage examples

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TourSection - usage examples

Postby Bernd Welter » Wed Sep 02, 2015 11:57 am

Hey ho,

today I've been talking to a customer about the handling of priorities. In his context
  • "high prio" means "visit early"
  • "low prio" means "visit later on a tour

I added those examples to my testclient. Feel free to evaluate the screenshots. Important: there's sufficient amount of time so the PRIORITY will not cause a selection of scheduled versus unscheduled orders.

tour section - no use.png
In this situation neither order priority nor pickup/delivery has an impact on the TourSection. Each stops TourSection is set to 0 which means "I don't care about a predefined sequence".
Result: pickups and deliveries are alternating. So do the prios (9,7,5,3 and back to 5)

tour section - deliveries first.png
With this approach I set Delivery orders to TourSection=2 and Pickup orders to 999.
Result: The vehicle is unloaded and once it is empty we start to collect things on our way back.
Priorities alternate up and down.
This is useful for CEP services who usually want to unload the vehicle and then start to pick the returns.

tour section - by prio.png
Here I used the orders priorities to compute the TourSection simply based on a formula:
TourSection := 20 - Prio
Result: within the tours pickups and deliveries alternate.
The PRIO properties of scheduled orders is decreasing in a monotone way...

As always: let me know whether you have another scenario and requirement!

Best regards Bernd
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