Simple Breakrules

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Simple Breakrules

Postby dominik.roesner » Tue Apr 19, 2016 8:11 am


in our current project we need no usual route planning.
Instead of this our customer wants to plan due dates for sending teams of technicians to different places to fill their orders.
Because of this the usual german driver regulations for breakrules are not to observe.
Now our question: what is the most simple way to integrate a break in a sheduled working day for a team of technicians?

Which parameters do we have to set?

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Re: Simple Breakrules

Postby Bernd Welter » Wed Apr 20, 2016 5:56 pm

Hello Dominik,

please have a look at the classes DriverRules and DriverSettings: They offer various strategies of how to include breaks into the tours of drivers. While some of them are based on legal constraints (WorkingRUle, DailyRestRule, WeeklyRestRule) others are more "some customers use the same scheme"... (e.g. BreakIntervals). ... ation.html#com.ptvag.xserver.xtour.DriverRegulations%3FTocPath%3DDeveloper's%2520Guide%7CAPI%2520Documentation%7CAPI%2520Documentation%2520PTV%2520xTour%7CComponent%2520xtour%7CClasses%7C_____25

2016-04-20 19_52_19-XTour Testclient.png
Testclient demonstrating the various break mechanisms.

While you specify the DEFINITION of the DRIVER REGULATION rules as part of the PlanningParams class (or subclasses) the switches for enabling / disabling those rules for a vehicle are located in the vehicles DRIVER SETTINGS.

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