Airline visualization versus routing...

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Airline visualization versus routing...

Postby Bernd Welter » Fri Oct 19, 2018 2:12 pm

Hi there,

every once in a while a user asks how to implement the visualization of tour optimization results on street level. Most dispatchers just use the sequence and are ok with the airline connection.
Airline versus Routing.PNG
Both tours are generated on the basis of routing data. So the quality of the tours is equal.

LEFT: the sequence of the stops is linked via simple airline. This is often helpful to understand the visit sequence from a dispatchers POV.

RIGHT: the sequence is the same as with the left usecase but the partial driving sections are routed and displayed on a street detail level. This is helpful if the sequence itself isn't sufficient but the user also requires to understand the track of a tour.

For those who want the street detail level they just should be aware of the following steps:
  • xlocate is used to gather the coordinates of the involved locations
  • xtour is used to create the proper sequence
  • xroute is used to determine the detailed polygon information with hundreds or thousands of points on the street network
  • xmap is used to display the sezuence
If airline is sufficient: ommit step xRoute.

No rocket science ;-)

Best regards,
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