Basics: differences between toll and vignette...

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Basics: differences between toll and vignette...

Postby Bernd Welter » Thu Jan 31, 2019 10:53 am

Hi there,

here's a quick comparison between the big terms TOLL and VIGNETTE in the context of xRoute.

  • What is the difference between VIGNETTE and TOLL? And how does PTV deal with this?
    Well, one core difference between the two approaches is that a vignette is acquired once and toll is paid per use.
    If you drive a vignette street 10 times you have to pay the vignette price only once.
    If you drive a toll road 10 times you have to pay 10 times the price of a single passage.
    Sample route from Aachen (GER) to Heerlen (NDL). The purple part is VIGNETTE in Netherlands. The red part is TOLL in Germany. The route itself is a bit longer.
  • How to determine the prices of a vignette within a specific country? We do not return the prices for the vignettes - please check them on the providers webspace.
  • Why don't we get toll distances and prices for the Netherlands, Luxemburg, ...? The countries use VIGNETTEs and as described above they are not reported.
  • Can we get the distances for toll and vignette from xRoute's output?
    Sure. But... The toll distances and prices are direct of the routing interfaces outputm just choose the property in charge
    For vignette it is different: you have to aggregate relevant contributions yourself: we let you know what segments require a vignette (check the SegmentAttributes) and the length of the segments (check the aggregated distances ;-) ). So you can easily aggregate the "vignette distance per country" or the "vignette distance at all" (just doesn't make sense most times :twisted: )
    Segment length is derived by succeeding accDistance. While the German segment are TOLL relevant the Dutch ones are VIGNETTE relevant.
  • How to avoid vignette roads or toll roads?
    We separate the AVOID strategies (xRoute1: malus / xRoute2: penalty):
    There's a routing option to reduce toll roads with no impact on vignette roads: AVOID_TOLLROADS.
    And there's a routing option to peform detours around vignette roads (with no impact on toll roads): AVOID_VIGNETTE_ROADS.

Further questions?
Get back to me and I add them here :D
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