Impact of updated routing profiles

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Impact of updated routing profiles

Postby Bernd Welter » Tue Feb 12, 2019 12:31 pm

Hi there,

as most of you know PTV invented the data compatibility version in the routing profiles.
Well, besides "we invented a versioning" it might also be interesting to know "what the consequences" are ;-)

There are some topics you should be aware of:
  • xServer 1.26 and before are shipped with standard profiles in dataCompatibilityVersion="1"
  • xServer 1.28 and later are shipped with standard profiles in dataCompatibilityVersion="2" (or later ;) )
  • From map version 2019.1T all PTV standard maps are shipped with dataCompatibilityVersion="2"': these maps will work with 1.28 servers from scratch as both engine and map are delivered with matching versions
Now here's the more technical info:
  • Some of the attributes in the standard profiles have been changed, e.g.
    • Leveling Scope
    • MalusByNetworkClass
    • piggybackMalus
    • dimensions
    • speed values
  • Within the map data the speed classes of some segments have been changed.
  • The network classes of the segments have NOT been changed!
With this new settings we want to improve our routing results and reflect the feedback we received by you in the past.
Best regards,

PS: as of today the current version of Map&Guide Internet is based on 2018.2aH maps (compatibilityVersion="1").
Users who want to re-built m&g routing results with xServeres should be aware of this dependency: current EU cloud is already based on 2019.1 maps (v2..). So there's aprobability that your results may differ. Once MG Internet is updated to V2 the results will be comparable again.
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