My own road editor...

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My own road editor...

Postby Bernd Welter » Thu Apr 04, 2019 9:05 am

Hi there,

our partner COS GmbH (located in Oberkirch near Karlsruhe ) allowed me to share his approach (and experiences) towards blocking of custom road segments. Here is a rough description, maybe some of you can benefit from it. It looks a little bit like GEODATASOURCE layer :lol: Anyhow: he is extremely happy about the success behind the story!

  • Approach is based on xRouteServer1 and uses ExceptionPath[..]
  • Administration layer:
    • User interface gathers new segment / section to be blocked via 2 click points in map
    • The admin frontend computes a route through those coordinates and retrieves WKB and BinaryPath...
    • ...which is stored in a database together with category, time-wise relevance,
  • Routing application:
    • retrieves the binaryPath's from the database filtered by time-wise relevance and parametrized by the category and further custom properties
    • creates an array of ExceptionPath objects with specific Malus values
  • Advantage:
    • Though this is not as flexible as RoadEditor (db approach) or future feature layer it provides a simple reference to time dependency
    • Highway directions will be treated as two independent lanes, so an individual blocking in one of the two directions is possible
    • Enables the application to visualize the blockings with xMap 1
  • Disadvantage
    • MIght have an impact on performance if lot of long distance tracks are blocked
    • Doesn't fit into xTour
Screenshot of the partners application. Red polygon / track is blocked. Therefore the route drives through an alternative area.

Also works fine with "negative MALUS" (=prefer). The river crossing in the north is parametrized with a negative value which creates some kind of "magnetizing" a roiute if the waypoints are located close enough.

Best regards from Germany,
Feedback is welcome - let us know what you would like to discuss ;-)

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