Can we connect to xServers from an AS400?

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Can we connect to xServers from an AS400?

Postby Gerold Lutz » Mon Sep 17, 2018 8:02 am

One of my well known players wants to migrate from Intertour to xServers.

Therefore he would have to connect to xServers via an IBM AS400.

As this platform mainly supports communication via file handling I'd like to know whether xServers also "speak" plain text files. What shall we consider when we set up the future architecture?
Are there any functional limitations?
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Re: Can we connect to xServers from an AS400?

Postby Joost » Mon Sep 17, 2018 8:40 am

I have a few customers using as400. They are all programming the connection to the xServers in Java. Either consuming the WSDL themselves or using the pre-build client classes for Java that come with the xServers. None of them are using file exchange formats.

xServer currently do no provide file exchange options. If you need this the customer should write his own service wrapping the xServer interface in a file exchange format.
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Re: Can we connect to xServers from an AS400?

Postby Bernd Welter » Mon Sep 17, 2018 11:39 pm

Hello Gerold, Joost,

great to know that the AS400 supports the Java based approach for the connectivity. That seems to simplify the topic quite a lot.

One comment refering to the file handling: in fact there used to be an optional plugin called BFM (Batch File Module) which enabled xServers to exchange the xml documents via polling into a defined communication directory. Looks like that plugin is no longer required for the AS400. So just keep in mind that if needed (for whatever reason) PTV can provide such a protocol, too.

Joost: besides the protocol - are you aware of some other specific hints that could be relevant for the AS400?

Best regards from Germany,

ps: always a great pleasure to see that the collaboration within this forum works so easy. Thanks my friends - that's community. 8-)
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