Comparison of webmapping frameworks

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Comparison of webmapping frameworks

Postby Bernd Welter » Fri Jan 09, 2015 11:05 am

Hello community,

in december 2014 a customer asked me which framework PTV recommends for the implementation of web based applications (incl. mapping). I therefore requested our experts to provide an overview - here it is.
(Thank you very much, Andreas!! ;) )

I hope it helps you to decide which one of the alternatives fits you the best.
Let us know if you have experience with other options so we might learn as well.

  • First open source alternative to Google maps. Initially developed and provided based on
  • Early version of the API (2.0) was rather complex. Since version 3.x (summer 2014) more convenient (as simple as Leaflet)
  • Provides rotation of maps (e.g. for rotation into drivers direction instead of North, navigation on mobile devices)
  • Slim alternative to open layers v2. Todays default on
  • API is very simple
  • Does not support map rotation
  • Supports PTV vector maps (project software, not product!)
  • PTV-MapWidget, also supports external datasources
  • API complexity is "different" (some features are easier to use than with the alternatives, other features are more complex than with other frameworks)
  • Provides rotation of maps (e.g. for rotation into drivers direction instead of North, navigation on mobile devices)
  • Native integration of PTV xMap services enables AjaxMaps to provide extended functions (e.g. print mode)
  • Performance of displaying several thousand client objects is much better than with Leaflet or Openlayers
  • Supports PTV vector maps (project software, not product!)
  • Supports integration of Leaflet instead of own engine (i.e. API and controls are same as with AjaxMaps, mapping itself is provided by Leaflet)
Decision support
  • OpenLayers V2: we advise against V2.
  • If you want to display simple maps with just a few objects (markers and lines) without the necessity to rotate maps: We recommend Leaflet (1. Though OpenLayers v3 is also an option, but migration from OpenLayers to AjaxMaps is not on the roadmap and therefore might raise more stress than necessary, 2. Leaflet is more robust than OpenLayers v3).
  • Simple maps with rotation: OpenLayers V3.
  • Complex maps with large numbers of displayed objects and print mode: Ajaxmaps (native (incl. rotation) or as Leaflet wrapper (no rotation))
  • From our point of view the estimated complexity of an application is the major criteria for the decision:
    • How many objects do you want to visualize?
    • Do you need print mode?
    • Do you need map rotation?
    • Do you want to access Vectormaps (Attention: project software!)
Best regards from Germany,

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Re: Comparison of webmapping frameworks UPDATE 2017

Postby Bernd Welter » Wed May 03, 2017 9:28 am

Hi there,

the original recommendation was state-of-the-art in 2014/2015.

With the updated perspective of 2016/2017 there is some new info available:
PTV recommends to use LEAFLET

  • It is opensource
  • Huge active community to improve the framework
  • Very performant
  • More features in comparison to AJAX Maps

Statement from our Solution Director Michael Nutto:
PTV has decided to no longer support AJAX MAPS in the context of PTV xServer 2.

And one more statement:

The usage of AJAX maps is still meaningful in your current application. Ajaxmaps 3.5.18 is the latest version (of february 2017) and we will create bugfixes in the same way as we do it with xMap 1.x.

Best regards Bernd
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