HTTP-Status 401: Unauthorized - User could not be authorized

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HTTP-Status 401: Unauthorized - User could not be authorized

Postby Bernd Welter » Tue Apr 09, 2019 3:23 pm

Hi there,

quite often cloud users face the error message "HTTP-Status 401: Unauthorized - User could not be authorized."

There are several potential reasons and countermeasures for this behaviour:
  • You didn't try to authenticate. Congratulations: our cloud services require username and password. Without them you will not gain access.
    Countermeasure: send a token. If you don't have one: register for a trial and you get one ;-)
    Update 9.6.2020: For SOAP and JSON communication you have to use Basic Authentication (username=xtok, password=your token). For the xServer2 REST calls simply add &xtok=yourToken to the Url. See this section, too.
  • You tried to authenticate. So you sent username and password but still don't get access?
    • Maybe the token you use has expired? For example you used the token successful few weeks after registering as test user and now it doesn't work anymore?
      Countermeasure: get in touch with your sales representative to prolong it.
    • The token did work on service alpha but does not work on service beta. E.g. it works for TEST and INTEGRATION but not for PRODUCTION? A valid token grants access to some or even all cloud services. Maybe your token has never been activated for the service you couldn't connect to?
      Countermeasure: get in touch with sales.
Best regards,
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Re: HTTP-Status 401: Unauthorized - User could not be author

Postby Oliver Heilig » Wed Apr 10, 2019 10:40 am


you can check if your token has access to a service here:

https://xserverinternet.azurewebsites.n ... index.html

These rights also apply to API version 2 services. ... formation/

Oliver Heilig
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