xServer 1.28 released

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xServer 1.28 released

Postby Bernd Welter » Wed Apr 17, 2019 11:42 am

Dear xServer Stakeholders,

the PTV xServer 1.28 is released! Besides some improvements and bugfixes in all PTV xServer, there are two main topics you should keep in mind:

o Because of the changed licensing policy for Oracle Java and to be as flexible as possible, the Java Runtime Environment is no longer integrated and must be installed separately. We support 64-bit Java 8 from Amazon Corretto or Oracle Java. Moreover the 32-bit version of PTV xServer was discontinued.

o As all current PTV maps are now based on new static speeds for better route calculation, we also updated the stored profiles to the so-called data compatibility version 2. The same is true for the integrated sample map. Please note that in case of using older maps, you have to replace the profiles with data compatibility version 1.

The on-premise solution is available here:
o Developer Zone: https://www.ptvgroup.com/en/solutions/p ... version-1/ (login required)

Regards, your xServer teams (Haba)
Bernd Welter
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PTV GROUP - Germany

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