Migration xServer 1 to xServer 2

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Migration xServer 1 to xServer 2

Postby Bernd Welter » Tue May 07, 2019 12:06 pm

Hi there,

as you know PTV offers the two major versions
- xServer 1
- xServer 2 (first released oct 2016)

Now every once in a while customers and partners who are used to xServer 1 ask me what to consider when migrating from platform 1 to platform 2. The following bullets may not be complete but at least they could give you a hint.
Here we go:

  • License file: the xServer 2 supports a new licensing approach which requires a separated file (license4j) based. Please ask your sales counterpart for such a file
  • Download of server (in premise): the servers are available for download at the usual customer area. If you have an existing account you can simply download xServer 2 from there.
  • Map data: except for the xLocate module you can use the regular maps. xLocate requires additional data called GCD which is a geocoder index. This data is huge - even bigger than the core map itself - and available on demand (Sales counterpart). Currently we have GCD data for the European HERE and the US HERE map.
  • dataCompatibilityVersion: a topic you could run into is the dataCompatibilityVersion which has been invented in 2018: If you are used to work with an "old" EU map of 2018 with an xServer1 and want to migrate it to xServer 2 (2.12 and later) you could face specific challenges described in the article.
  • Interface compatibility: Current xServer 2 platform is in development and most of our developers are focused on the new features. The methods, signatures and data types are new and will be extended with the minor updates (today xServer 2.12)
  • Deployments: While the xServer 1 was available as bundle and as "filet" (xRoute, xLocate, xMap, ...) the xServer 2 will be available as bundle only. If you wish to "specialise" an installation you can easily create a setup which activates only the services you need.
  • Object model: For some of the services the object model is quite similar to the model of version 1. Anyhow: take your time to gather the methods and usecases. Services such as xTour have changed. Services such as xDate have been invented. And finally services such as xTerritory have been taken over by xCluster.
  • CodeSampleBrowser: The famous CodeSampleBrowser has been replaced by a set of showcases (small test applications) and integration samples (combination of JavaScript code and output). The RawRequestRunner has been extended.
  • Protocols: Besides the known protocols SOAP (xml via http/https) and JSON (JavaScript based via http/https) we now also support REST at least for some of the methods (but definetly just for a subset)
  • Dima calculation and HPR: While xTour and xCluster handeled the dima calculation within their own scope the users are now responsible for the lifecycle of this shared resource. Check xDima module (create and maintain a dimaID) and xTour module (refers to a dimaID) for details.
  • Self contained JAVA runtime: not 100% a topic for this thread but you should be aware of it anyway: for a long time we provided the java runtime as self-contained in the archive's which are available for download. With xServer 1.28 / 2.12 and later we changed this. See this article for details. Long story short: the java runtime has to be provided by the admin's own responsibility and is then to be configured as system environment variable.
  • Test environment: We offer test environments for the HERE maps of Europe and US HERE and the World

If you need to get new map data, license files or access to the customer area please ask your sales counterpart for it.
If you need technical consulting regarding how to install the servers get in touch with your local consultant.

Do not hesitate to get back to us in case of questions.

Best regards,
Bernd Welter
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Re: Migration xServer 1 to xServer 2

Postby MISTERX » Tue May 07, 2019 3:21 pm

Hi Bernd,

I have a dream: once upon a time . . . there will be a major change at PTV and a post like this was published in advance . . . 8-)

Thank you for this article - I will set a link to this as substitute for all my notes about xServer2 setup and operations!

P.S.: Java JRE has to be version 8 - other (higher) versions are not allowed!
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