PTV xServer API Version 2.13 is now available!

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PTV xServer API Version 2.13 is now available!

Postby Bernd Welter » Mon Jul 01, 2019 6:59 am

Here's an important announcement from the Product Management (thank you, Isabel!):

We proudly present our new PTV xServer API Version 2.13 Release. For the full list of Features and Improvements you can check the corresponding release notes here.

Taking the European driving regulations into account with PTV xRoute

Here are some feature highlights of API Version 2.13:

  • Swapped the stored profile names ‘truck40t.xml’ and ‘trailertruck.xml’ to harmonize it with all other PTV products. Please note that the default routing profile keeps all values, but now refers to the correctly named ‘trailertruck’.
    Please check this addtional Blog Post for detailed information
  • Support for address interpolation using single-field input
  • Improved the performance for using single-field input
  • Added support for addresses given by only a long postal code using single-field input, which is especially relevant for Ireland
Please note that features mentioned above require a 2020.1H map or newer.
  • Improved the rendering performance when using Feature Layer (in particular PTV_TruckAttributes)
  • Added support to calculate tour restrictions including EU drivers’ working hours and working time of EU directive 2002/15/EC. Please note that this is experimental
  • Added support to consider alternative near-by roads by using the new attribute ‘considerAlternativeNearByRoads’ together with an ‘OnRoadWaypoint’. Please note that this is experimental
  • Introduced ‘ManipulateRouteWaypoint’ to manipulate the course of a route by passing a location within a radius. Please note that this is experimental
  • Added attribute ‘orderGroupIds’ to the element ‘Vehicle’ to specify which order groups can be served by the vehicle
  • The tour planning results for orders of type ‘OrderWithAlternativePickupDepots’ or ‘OrderWithAlternativeDeliveryDepots’ are improved
  • It is possible to combine stacking restrictions with the maximum allowable surface load on items
  • Reversed the order of the attribute ‘unloadingSequence’. The first items will be unloaded first (and loaded last)
For on-premise solutions you can download the latest version from the Customer Area at the Developer Zone.

For cloud solutions we will provide test and production systems based on this release. The Europe test cluster already contains the PTV xServer API version 2.12 release plus all future and finished changes for the next release.

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