Core questions at one glance

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Core questions at one glance

Postby Bernd Welter » Wed Aug 14, 2019 12:16 pm

HI there,

the following list of questions and answers is based on reoccuring dialogues with prospects in the past. It can help you to reduce your efforts as a rookie ;-) Feel free to forward the page to whom it may concern! Though most of the questions sound simple I usually have to explain them almost every time I talk to newbies

  • What protocols does the xServer support?
    xServers support bith SOAP/xml and JSON/JavaScript based. For some of the modules we also offer REST API calls such as "tile API" in xMap 2 or geocoding in xLocate 2 (single field search)
  • Which programming languages are supported by xServers?
    Any language or environment which supports the protocols mentioned above. For JAVA we ship client classes. For Microsoft.NET we ship both client classes and even a .NET mapping control. For ABAP we also offer a dedicated Connector suite. I am quite confident that you can use xServer APIs through almost any state-of-the-art framework (otherwise I wouldn't call it state-of-the-art :twisted: )
  • Which data sources (providers) are available?
    This depends on the region and platform you want to use. Generically speaking we work with the two global acting players HERE and TOMTOM. Check the cluster overview page to see which plattform/region is covered by which provider: The xServer2 platform with it's world map is only available through the HERE data. For other combinations such as xServer 1 + Europe City map you can choose between the two providers.
  • xServers are developer components which means "someone has to code". Who does it?
    Well, depends. We offer various approaches. Maybe the following list helps:
    • Customers with an own IT department. They usually buy the license for the server and the IT does the integration.
    • Customer without an own IT department but with an own integrator (e.g. large companies with a direct contact to SAP integrators): the customer and the integrator define the sacope of the application and if needed the customer can buy consulting from PTV to get trainings for the integrator
    • Customer without own IT and without own integrator:
      In such a case PTV has access to potential integrators with years of exprience in xServers. We can recommend such player for a project based intagration and we usually pick our proposals based on usecase, technology and geographic aspects
    • Integrators / ISV / value-added resellers
      Those parties usually develop their own product based on the xServers. They sell it to various end customers.

  • How about installation scope? Can we use a cloud access or do we have to install the xServers in our own hosting center?
    Well, we offer both a cloud based product called PTV xServer INTERNET and an on premise version called PTV xServer. Depending on your business constraints you can choose between them:
    • Cloud minimizes your administration efforts and requires standard procedures
    • In an on premise installation you can optimize the system to your own needs but you are also responsible for the updates of servers and data
  • Where can I get a test version?
    If you want to test the cloud gather a TOKEN and access one of the available clusters. If you want to test the servers via OnPremise you need to get in touch with a sales representative at PTV. Please also check the system requirements.
  • We want to use the on premise scenario. What operating systems are supported?
    We usually provide versions for the latest 64bit Microsoft Windows operating systems and Linux platforms such as Ubuntu. If you have doubts get in touch wit us.
  • Is there a documentation? Can I get 1:1 help?
    Sure, the documentation is part of the online cluster. Just access the management console of a cluster or your on premise server and open the sections on the left. We also offer a generic documentation of xServer 1. If you need extended support we have a professional services team of technical consultants located in various subsidaries. While reading this article you are already in touch with them: the forum is maintained by the technical consultants.
  • Can we become a reseller? Can we get access to an SDK (not limited via trial period)?
    Sure - Why not? Get in touch with PTV sales / partner management! Immediately - this is not a drill!

Feedback is welcome - I can add further generic topics on demand, too.

Thanks for your patience,
Bernd Welter
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