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Postby i.kobeissy » Fri Aug 23, 2019 3:07 pm


we're trying to make sure that xTour is not going through prohibited highways, we're using xTour 1.24,
we have two locations on the East of France Nancy ==> Selestat, between those 2 locations we have the highway N59 which prohibits all vehicle with weight over 3.5T

what we have in our profiles (dimaTruck.xml) attached
- toll is prohibited
<Toll extraTollMalus="0" tollMalus="2501" vignetteMalus="0"></Toll>
- driveType and total weight (according to Bernd Welter (@driveType=="MOTORIZED") and (@totalPermittedWeight > 3500) is a truck)
<Weight totalPermittedWeight="40000"/>
<Drive driveType="MOTORIZED"/>
- PTV_TruckAttributes enabled
<Theme id="PTV_TruckAttributes" enabled="true"/>

the result of xTour request (attached) returns in the response (attached) a total distance of 131.328 KM and a driving duration of 2h18

these results are pretty similar to results i have using Google maps while google if for sure driving me through the N59 so my question is how can i guarantee that xTour is not going through the N59 and also is there any well documented post about what are the options that becomes available when enabling PTV_TruckAttributes and how to guarantee that PTV is considering my vehicle as a heavy weight truck and not a regular car

thanks in advance
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