Differences between TruckAttributes and PTV_TruckAttributes

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Differences between TruckAttributes and PTV_TruckAttributes

Postby Bernd Welter » Thu Sep 26, 2019 1:04 pm

Hi there,

in the recent months more and more players start to migrate their xRoute applications from binary file based TruckAttributes to the feature layer based PTV_TruckAttributes.

Some experience differences in the expected output: Therefore let me just mentions some basic statements
  • To avoid misunderstandings: in the following statement TruckAttributes refers to a set of 3 binary files stored in the /RE subfolder of a map. The content of those files is provided as "STANDARD by PTV" or "result of an export process from Map&Guide". On the other hand PTV_TruckAttributes refers to a feature layer mechanism which uses a large number of files in the map folder (e.g. one file for each integration unit)
  • In reality some restrictions are time dependent, e.g. transit rules.
  • TruckAttributes do not contain any time dependent information. So a transit rule would have to be modelled either as a STATIC rule or be missing in the data.
  • One big generic advantage of FeatureLayers is the capability to handle time dependent restrictions.
  • RE versus FL.PNG
    Both maps are created on the same server with the same map version (2019.2H)
    LEFT: Road Editor / TruckAttributes
    RIGHT: FeatureLayer PTV_TruckAttributes
    Some attributes seem missing in the left map
  • The bad news for now: currently we do not provide an administration frontend or even an administration API for FeatureLayers. This topic is in development.

In other words: the outdated container based on the BINARY files lacks an important capability.
FeatureLayer is able to close this gap.

Best regards,
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