Available routing options in the Navigator / SDK

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Available routing options in the Navigator / SDK

Postby Bernd Welter » Tue Feb 11, 2020 10:24 am

HI there,

every once in a while I get asked for potential parameters which influence the geometry of a route.

We recommend to focus on the reference profiles shipped with the product.

:!: Setting the routing options manually is also possible but only recommended for experts. The NavigationSDK brings several methods to influence the result of the route calculation. For example you can avoid toll roads, decide what kind of vehicle you are driving or if you want a routing optimized for short way or time. To get you started, we set a bunch of options in the Application in a new method setDefaultRoutingOptions. By calling NavigationSDK.getRoutingOptions() we retrieve the default RouteOptions, which we can alter to our needs afterwards. The example is only a starting point to play with. Feel free to alter it to your custom wishes.

On a technical perspective the available RouteOptions are documented here. They have an impact on various topics:
  • the geometry of a route based on many boolean values (avoid toll roads, ferries, ...)
  • toll prices (physical dimensions and vehicle attributes)
  • emission (engine dimensions...)

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