what means "is not licensed. Shutting down. Check module"

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what means "is not licensed. Shutting down. Check module"

Postby Bernd Welter » Fri Mar 13, 2020 2:51 pm

Hi there,

a client ran into the following message in his logfiles (xServer2 didn't start):

XCluster is not licensed. Shutting down. Check module definition in xserver.conf.

This occurs when you activated a module in the xserver.conf though it is not licensed.
Here's an example of my own config:
In the upper block I define several logical modules. A module "would" be able to handle all transactions of the contained module types.
In the lower block I specify how many instances of a specific logical module should be created. In my example I have separated the xCluster from other modules and this is how I can activate/deactivate this module by itself.
With a given number of 0 instances of xcluster a license without xcluster should work.

This works in the same way with other modules of course.
Best regards,

modules {
definitions {
default { services = [xlocate, xtour, xroute, xdima, xdata]}
xmap { services = [xmap] }
xcluster { services = [xcluster] }
xlocate { services = [xlocate] }

instances {
default = 2
xlocate = 1
xcluster = 0
xmap = 4
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