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PTV recommends to license the Gurobi Solver for performing complex mathematical calculations in a very performant and accurate way. Please notice the following:
  • The usage of Gurobi Solver is mandatory for following use cases / procedures: Overnight stays in visit planning and minimizing the workload imbalances between days (see PlanVisitsOptions)
  • It is highly recommended to use the Gurobi solver when balancing the visit planning
  • It is highly recommended to use the Gurobi when planning field forces with a higher number of visits, field workers and clusters

PTV defined the process how to receive a Gurobi license as follows:

  • Please contact your sales partner. PTV provides the corresponding Gurobi license (for testing and productive use). As customer (prospect) of PTV, you don’t need to contact Gurobi directly. This service is offered by PTV to take care of the required license.
  • Based on the business use case, the contact partner can offer various license types how to use the Gurobi solver in customer’s system environment. Following standard types are available:
    License type for perpetual and subscriptionOverview
    Named UserSingle machine license for a single named person, unlimited simultaneous uses.
    Unlimited Use, Unlimited UserSingle machine license for unlimited simultaneous users and uses.
    Compute ServerAllows an unlimited number of client machines to submit jobs to a server.
  • Licence for Gurobi’s Cloud Service
    License typeOverview
    BronzeSituations where the user wants to solve one model at a time and doesn’t need the features or flexibility of Compute Server. Allows at most one simultaneous use.
    SilverMore active development and deployment situations where the hourly charge is more of a factor. Includes a Compute Server license which allows an unlimited number of client machines to submit jobs to a server.
    GoldThe same functionality as Silver, but with a lower per hour rate for more frequent usage.

    Gurobi Cloud billing is measured in 0.01 hours (36 seconds), with a minimum charge of 0.50 hours. The time is measured from when the cloud computer is started to when it is shut down, regardless of whether the computer is busy or idle.
We are happy to discuss the right license types for your business applications.

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