Troubles due to missing required toll manoeuvre type

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Troubles due to missing required toll manoeuvre type

Postby Bernd Welter » Thu Mar 01, 2018 2:07 pm

Hi there,

just faced an inconvenient situation:
A customer (uses SAP) tried to work with auto generated clients based on xRoute's WSDL.
One attribute of a TollStationDescripton object is the "required" TollManoeuvreType.

Though the property is labeled as "required" you can activate or disable it via the ResultListOptions:

xml code
<ns2:ResultListOptions_4 totalRectangle="false" boundingRectanglesOffset="300" 
boundingRectanglesC="5" tollManoeuvres="false"
manoeuvreGroupRatio="1.0" manoeuvreGroups="true" urbanManoeuvres="false"
brunnelManoeuvres="false" manoeuvreAttributes="false" segmentAttributes="false"
segments="true" dynamicInfo="false" detailLevel="STANDARD" polygon="true"
binaryPathDesc="false" nodes="false" texts="true" manoeuvres="true"/>

Them issue happens if you set the tollManoeuvres="false":
Then the response will return the stations without the ManoeuvreType...
xml code
<ns3:TollCostInfo currency="EUR" tollType="NATIONALTOLL" tollPrice="5" tollDistance="427" tollProviderID="201" tollSectionID="0">
<ns3:tollStationFrom routeListIndex="1083" tollLocationType="NORMAL"
tollStationID="619038" tollStationName="619038"/>
<ns3:tollStationTo routeListIndex="1088" tollLocationType="NORMAL"
tollStationID="2000000806" tollStationName="2000000806"/>

...which causes your runtime to fail...

If the manoeuvres are requested the response is proper:
xml code
<ns3:TollCostInfo currency="EUR" tollType="NATIONALTOLL" tollPrice="34" tollDistance="2703" tollProviderID="205" tollSectionID="0">
<ns3:tollStationFrom manoeuvreType="ENTER" routeListIndex="654" tollLocationType="NORMAL" tollStationID="2000000719" tollStationName="2000000719"/>
<ns3:tollStationTo manoeuvreType="FURTHER" routeListIndex="666" tollLocationType="NORMAL" tollStationID="19180" tollStationName="19180"/>

This error is proudly presented by FREDERIK!

Best regards Bernd
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