certificate is not configured properly with HTTP.SYS??

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certificate is not configured properly with HTTP.SYS??

Postby Bernd Welter » Fri Jun 15, 2018 6:56 am

Hi there,

these days a customer faced the following error message:
An error occurred while making the HTTP request to https://xlocate-eu-n.cloud.ptvgroup.com ... ws/XLocate.
This could be due to the fact that the server certificate is not configured properly with HTTP.SYS in the HTTPS case.
This could also be caused by a mismatch of the security binding between the client and the server.

So though his little .NET sample application is able to connect to the HTTPS based services he seems to run into the error if he tries to connect via IIS (Microsoft Internet Information Server). He assumes that this is related to some configuration or windows update and that it might me caused by TLS/SSL settings.

Any clue how to get rid of this? Or at least what the message means?

Best regards,
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