New map TEST cluster for America with API Version 2

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New map TEST cluster for America with API Version 2

Postby Bernd Welter » Tue Sep 11, 2018 11:39 am


Our product management proudly presents the latest news about PTV xServer internet thanks to Isabel for the summary:

PTV xServer internet – New map cluster for America

Today we announce the new PTV xServer internet map cluster for America.
It contains the PTV North America and South America City Map and is based on PTV xServer API Version 2.
At the moment it is still a Test system. As soon as the PTV xServer 2.9 is available we will provide a production system as well.

Have a look at the highlights of the deployed PTV xServer integration version. The integration version provides features even before the official release.
For more details regarding released features check the official Release Notes.

• Geocoding data is only available for the PTV North America City Map 2018
• Geocoding data for the PTV South America City Map is not available and not prioritized (subject to change)

• Country-specific Feature Layer icons for truck attributes in North America

For a detailed overview of the features have a look at the Release Notes or play around with the Showcases.
The new cluster is already added to the Cluster Overview on our General Information site in our PTV xServer internet Developer Guide.
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