calculateBulkRouteInfo vs calculateRoute

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calculateBulkRouteInfo vs calculateRoute

Postby epsilon » Wed Sep 12, 2018 12:20 pm


In order to compute the route A -> B -> C we use the calculateBulkRouteInfo (waypoints = [[A,B],[B,C]]) with the configuration as below.

Is there an equivalent calculateRoute call with waypoints [A,B,C] that gives the same result as the calculateBulkRouteInfo response. As in calculateBulkRouteInfo we used AUTO_LINKING and WAYPOINTSDESC for A, B and C (see code below). Also I tried the option VIA_STOP+fuzzyRadius=0 for intermediate point B. But there is still a difference to the calculateBulkRouteInfo response.

When using the calculateRoute service with several waypoints we get different results for the times and the distances between the waypoints. In detail we get the following result (where we inverse the accumulation in time and distance in the calculateRoute request):

BULK: {'distance': [1054358.0, 1268495.0], 'time': [52880.0, 63163.0]}
VIA_STOP: {'distance': [1054174.0, 1268413.0], 'time': [52862.0, 63155.0]}
WAYPOINTDESC: {'distance': [1054192.0, 1268395.0], 'time': [52865.0, 63152.0]}

Is it there an equivalent calculateRoute call that reproduces the response from the calcuateBulkRouteInfo request?
If not, what exactly causes the difference in the results from these two calculation methods.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards
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Re: calculateBulkRouteInfo vs calculateRoute

Postby Bernd Welter » Wed Sep 12, 2018 2:03 pm

Hello Epsilon,

I assume that the different temporary data structures have an impact on the routing results.

The question I have is quite simple:
- What kind of task do you want to solve?
- What is the input?
- What is the desired output?
If you answer these questions I might give you some directions how to approach it in the optimal way.

Best regards,

PS: routing is some kind of heuristics, at least when it comes to leveling ;-)
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