PTV xServer

System integration solutions for your software

A group of individual modules you can cherry-pick to add sophisticated functionality to your route planning software, including cluster planning, digital mapping, route optimisation, geocoding, loading space optimisation, track and trace, map matching, emissions calculation, toll calculation, traffic information, radius search, geofencing and navigation.

PTV xServer systems integration solutions: Integrate customer-relevant functions into your own software.

System integration of PTV xServer - Your advantages:

  • No need for your own extensive development
    Instead you can use our know-how and our long-term experience.
  • Reliable standard technology
    The use of standard technologies and formats guarantees simple and reliable processing of results.
  • Simple software integration
    All components contain an XML/SOAP/JSON standard interface. This means they can be easily integrated into your own systems and applications.
  • Extensive service and support
    Our support provides help during every phase of the project. Without delay and with you personally.
  • Extendable
    The modular structure of the PTV xServer enables you to extend your software solution with more functions at any time.
  • Scalability
    Thanks to cluster technology, you can expand your solutions at any time so that they always meet your performance requirements.
  • Long-term investment
    We build on long-term customer and partner relations. Continuous further developments, new ideas and close proximity to the market guarantee products which are excellent in technology and quality.
  • The latest maps and data
    Profit from maps and data from leading providers and PTV's own data material preparation.
  • Individual settings
    Customise the PTV solution to suit your needs: The map design, the error tolerance when geocoding and the preference for certain road classes in the route calculation are only some examples of the many options which can be set.
  • Editable road network
    You decide which roads are included in your route calculation and the way in which they are used. Roads and road segments can be blocked and released or permitted and banned for certain vehicle types.

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